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Beyond Design Art The Architect & The UX Designer

In a candid and intimate interview with Tosin Oshinowo and Lade Tawak who are sensational female architect and UX designer respectively in Nigeria, I uncover their fervid desire to liberate themselves from gender stereotypes and make meaningful contributions in their communities.


Despite the challenges that come with professional participation in a male-dominated field, Tosin and Lade demonstrate unswerving determination to challenge the prevailing culture of unhealthy male dominance, exerting their agency to choose what matters most to them, and empowering as many other women while building their legacies.

Segment 1 - Becoming a Designer

Tosin & Lade take us through memory lane on their path to design, and the role of parents and mentors. 

Segment 2 - Encounters with Hegemonic Masculinity

They share lived and observed experiences about the nature of gender inequalities in Nigeria.

Segment 3 - Men shouldn't be the Default!

Lade walk us through  root causes and assumptions that fuel gender stereotypes 

Segment 4 - Flood Their Faces with More Boss Ladies

They agree that representation is a powerful way to rework the power structures.

Segment 5 - Rethinking Feminism - We All Don't Want the Same Thing. 

Despite the global feminist movement, Tosin believes that personal agency will influence what individuals experience, hence, individual and local context is paramount. 

Segment 6 - Hey Woman! Build Your Self-Efficacy 

They resound the importance of competence and adaptability in an ever complex and changing world. 

Segment 7 - Looking into The Future Tosin and Lade reflects on their journey so far and highlights what they would like to be remembered for. 


Flooded Hearts - Bronux

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